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About Us

As a professional marketing and business consulting practice of 20 years standing, we have addressed most of the usual, and some of the not so usual, problems that businesses, large and small, face everyday.

In addressing these issues, we have developed tools and templates that we feel have practical application in many businesses.  Our guiding principle has been to develop a solution that is comprehensive enough to address the real problem but intuitive enough to use that the executive can deploy it without any training.

Even the simplest Excel model or itemised checklist can take a few hours of valuable senior executive time to develop.  Time that can be more usefully spent addressing the actual business issue rather than developing a tool or a template!

We welcome any feedback or comments from users as to how we might improve any particular tool.

We are also happy to market on your behalf any tools or templates that you may have developed.

Where appropriate the consulting services of MarketWare International are available at competitive rates.




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