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Financial/Accounting Analysis Ratios Excel Calculator

Financial Analysis Ratios aka Accounting Analysis Ratios or Business Analysis Ratios are useful tools to deploy for ongoing monitoring and control of the business.

Business needs to closely monitor its finances and performance to ensure that it is generating adequate return of the shareholders and that it is sufficient cash liquidity to meet its costs and continue to operation successfully

Ratio Analysis allows accounts to be interpreted for the benefit of interested parties.

The Financial Analysis Ratios Calculator is an Excel-based spreadsheet that calculates the following ratios for four different periods:

Profitability Ratios

Gross Profit Margin

Operating Profit Margin

Net Profit Margin

Return on Shareholders Funds

Return on Capital Employed

Liquidity/Cash Ratios

Current Ratio/Working Capital Ratio

Quick Ratio/Acid Test Ratio

Times Interest Earned

Debt Ratio

Debt to Equity

Business Activity Ratios

Average Debtor days

Inventory Turnover

Fixed Asset Turnover

Total Asset Turnover

Once the P&L and balance sheets have been prepared for the four periods the Financial Ratios are automatically calculated.

Once ratios are available, comparisons can be made between different financial periods and trends over the four periods identified and analysed.

Item Number:     MW031      

Description:        Financial/Accounting Analysis Ratios MS-Excel Calculator

Price:                  US$14.95 US$ 9.95

Check out the  Fianacial/Accounting Analysis Ratios Excel Calculator User Guide prior to ordering.

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