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General Electric (GE)  McKinsey Matrix Templates (MS-Excel & MS-Word)

The General Electric GE McKinsey Matrix template is a nine-cell (3 by 3) matrix used to perform business portfolio analysis as one of the steps in the strategic planning process.

The GE/McKinsey Matrix template can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, other tools such as S.W.O.T. Analysis and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth Share Matrix in basic strategic planning and analysis.

The GE/McKinsey Matrix differs from the other tools. Unlike a BCG Matrix template, it uses multiple factors to define Industry Attractiveness and Business Unit Strength and therefore overcomes one of the main BCG Matrix limitations.

The GE/McKinsey Matrix identifies the optimum business portfolio as one that matches the company's strengths to the most attractive industry sectors or markets.

Thus, the objective of the analysis is to position each Strategic Business Unit (SBU) on the chart depending on the SBU's Strength and the Attractiveness of the Industry Sector or Market on which it is focused. Each axis is divided into Low, Medium and High, giving the 3 by 3 nine-cell matrix as depicted below.

            MS-Excel GE- McKinsey Matrix Template    MS-Word GE-McKinsey Matrix Template
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SBUs are portrayed as a circle plotted on the GE/McKinsey Matrix, where the size of the circle represents a factor such as Market Size. 

Each factor can be given a different weighting in calculating the overall attractiveness of a particular industry.       Typically Industry Attractiveness = Attractiveness Factor 1 Value by Factor 1 weighting + Attractiveness Factor 2 Value by Factor 2 weighting, etc.    Business Unit Strength = Strength Factor 1 Value by Factor 1 weighting + Strength Factor 2 Value by Factor 2 weighting, etc.

This GE McKinsey Matrix template allows the user to define the SBUs to be plotted.  Up to 10 different factors can be used to define Industry Attractiveness, Typical factors are Market Size, Market Growth Rate,  Industry Profitability, Competitive Rivalry, etc.

Up to 10 factors can also be used to define SBU Strength.  Typical factors are Market Share,  Distribution Channel Access, Financial Resources, R&D Capability, Management Resources, etc.

The rating values for each factor are entered for each SBU and Industry Sector on a scale of 1 to 9.. 

The SBU Strength and Industry Sector Attractiveness are calculated and the GE McKinsey Matrix is automatically produced.  

The format used to produce the GE McKinsey Matrix is a MS-Excel Bubble Chart.  Industry Attractiveness and Business Strength are plotted on the X and Y axes.  The size of the Bubble allows a further factor to be depicted on the chart.  The default factor used is Market Size.  However, a Dropdown list is available allowing the user to dynamically select any of the Industry Attractiveness factors as an alternative.

The MS-Word template does NOT do calculations.  It is used to record and tabulate the results of the analysis done in the Excel template or elsewhere.

Check out the General Electric GE McKinsey User Guide before purchasing!

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