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Sales Leads Generation Plan & Budget MS-Excel Template

The Lead Generation Plan & Budget Template allows the user to quickly generate a Lead Generation Plan and Budget.  Up to 10 Lead Generation Sources or Categories, typically email, telemarketing, advertising, tradeshows, etc. can be defined.  Within each category the user can have up to 10 individual campaigns.  Each campaign can be run for a single month, over several months, or an ongoing basis. The average cost per lead for each campaign and each source/category is calculated and graphed by month. Click on Sales Leads Generation Plan & Budget MS-Excel Template .

Sales Pipeline/Funnel Planner

This Excel-based Sales Pipeline or Sales Funnel Planner provides metrics and visibility on all stages of the Sales Pipeline/Funnel. It calculates the value and number of New Business Opportunities required at each Stage of the Pipeline, each month, to achieve the Revenue target. The Sales Pipeline/Funnel can be fully customised. The number of new Leads that should be put into the Pipeline/Funnel each month to achieve future months' Revenue Plan is also calculated. Click on Sales Pipeline Template Download  .


Sales Revenue Plan/Budgets Template

Sales Planner Plus+ is an Ms-Excel-based application that allows you to develop a monthly sales revenue plan for up to three years. The sales plan incorporates features such as product or market groups with revenue subtotals, an unlimited number of products within each group and up to 20 seasonal sales patterns that can be customised and applied individually to each product/revenue line. Direct sales costs can be applied to the revenue plan to calculate gross margin and percentage gross margin for each month. Sales Planner Plus+ also incorporates a sensitivity analysis feature whereby "What If" analysis can be done on scenarios where a particular revenue stream (product or market) is, say, 20% less, while another revenue stream is, say, 5% higher. For detailed description click Sales Revenue Plan/Budgets Template





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