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Sales & Marketing Audit overview, approach & format Checklist

This sales and marketing audit overview, approach & format checklist is based on a top down process that starts with the corporate goals and objectives.  It is the ideal starting point to the question "How to conduct a marketing audit?".  The approach then seeks to audit how well the Sales and Marketing Operations support the realisation of these corporate goals and objectives.

The steps in the process are:

  • Briefing by senior management to understand and validate the overall corporate vision, goals, and objectives within which the sales and marketing function operates.
  • Evaluate how well the corporate strategy is understood by Sales & Marketing management and staff and articulated at the more detailed tactical, policy and operational level.
  • Appraise the degree of clarity and appropriateness of the marketing strategy in pursuit of the corporate and marketing objectives.
  • Evaluate the dissemination, understanding, and internalisation of the strategy throughout the sales and marketing organisation.
  • Assess the degree to which the strategies and policies are being implemented and the effectiveness of the implementation programmes.
  • Evaluate the degree to which effective planning and control systems are deployed and effective.

The 4-page checklist document (a Ms-Word document) is available in two formats (a) A4 paper size and (b) Letter paper size.

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