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Professional Services Billing & Timesheet Template

This simple Excel-based electronic billing and time sheet application records and calculates the hours worked and differentiates between billable and non-billable hours.  Billing values are also calculated. Hours and billings can be sub-totalled by Date, Client, Project Number and Activity Code.

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The billing and time sheet incorporates the following features:

  • Records Employee name, Dept., Staff No., Date, Week No., and Standard Billing Rate.
  • Records time worked by Date, Client, Project No., and Activity Code.
  • Actual hours are calculated from start and end times entered.
  • Choice of 12-hour or 24-hour time formats.
  • Time can be designated as billable (default) or non-billable.
  • Standard billing rate used as default can be overridden by a special billing rate for any specific task.
  • Billing values are calculated for all billable hours.
  • Subtotals are calculated for Hours Worked, Billable Hours and Billings Value for each Day, Client, Project and Activity Code.
  • Calculates and displays the Total Billable and Non-Billable Hours and Total Hours worked in the week.
  • Produces user-friendly print format.
  • Facilitates signature and approval signoff.

Check out the Professional Services Billing and Timesheet User Guide before purchasing!

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Item Number: MW008         Title: Professional Services Billing & Timesheet Excel Template

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