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Sales/Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation & Selection Checklist

How to evaluate marketing channel members is a common problem when seeking to enter new markets.

The Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation & Selection Checklist addresses the problem at a  number of levels.

  • It provides a framework for identifying the primary strategic intent of entering into the partnership in the chosen market

  • It identifies 16 attributes or strengths that a potential partner should bring to the relationship to support the successful implementation of the preferred or chosen strategy.

  • It lists 20 operational tasks to be executed in the marketplace by one's own organisation or the chosen partner.

The list of attributes and operational tasks can be edited to suit any particular market environment.

Using the checklist, one can quickly identify, clarify and prioritise the relevant attributes and profile the ideal marketing channel partner.

Why not also check out our Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation Rating Matrix and get both at a 25% discount in our Distributor/Marketing Channel Partner Package.


Item Number:    MW027      

Description:       Marketing Channel Partner Evaluation & Selection Checklist

Price:                  US$9.95




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