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Sales Pipeline/Funnel Calculator Excel Software Template Download

This Excel-based Sales Pipeline or Sales Funnel Calculator template download is a sales pipeline management tool that provides metrics and visibility on all stages of the Sales Pipeline/Funnel. It calculates the value and number of New Business Opportunities required at each Stage of the Pipeline, each month, to achieve the Revenue target. The Sales Pipeline/Funnel can be fully customised. The number of new Leads that should be put into the Pipeline/Funnel each month to achieve future months' Revenue Plan is also calculated.

Key features of the system allows you to:

  • Take contracted recurring revenue, e.g. maintenance contracts, in account to calculate the New Business revenue portion of the Total Revenue Plan.

  • Use work-in-progress timescales to translate the Revenue Plan into the required Order Intake value.

  • Customize your own Sales Pipeline/Funnel with up to ten individual stages or milestones.

  • Specify the timeline between each Stage in the Sales Pipeline/Funnel.

  • Specify the Leakage or drop-out rate for each Sales Pipeline/Funnel Stage, as prospects move through the Sales Pipeline/Funnel from Unqualified Leads to Clean Firm Orders.

  • Calculate the Value and Number of Business Opportunities required at each Stage of the Sales Pipeline/Funnel for each month, allowing you to identify potential problems, that will impact future revenue streams, in time to take corrective action.

  • Calculate the number of New Leads that should be put into the Sales Pipeline/Funnel each month to achieve future months' Revenue Plan.

  • Use a planning cycle of up to 24 months to take account of longer sales cycles.

Check out the Sales Funnel Pipeline User Guide prior to ordering.

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Once you have calculated how many New Sales Leads you need each month, why not use our Sales Lead Generation Plan & Budget Template?  Others have also found our Sales Revenue Plan/Sales Budget Excel Template useful.  Or use our 3 for 2 offer to get all three.

Item Number: MW010   Description:    Sales Pipeline Planner

Price: US$9.95



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