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Staff Performance Appraisal Forms Downloads Template

The performance appraisal forms download template is suitable for most performance appraisal examples/samples/situations. Employee performance appraisals are an important management tool.  Regular formal employee performance appraisals (a) promote the professional and personal development of the individual and (b) facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the organisation.

Performance Appraisal Forms Downloads Template.

The employee performance appraisal forms download template  is an Microsoft MS-Word document and contains a number of sections which can be edited and customised as required, depending on the employee performance appraisals process employed.

Section 1

Many organisations include self-appraisal by the employee as part of the performance appraisal process.  This is normally done in advance of the performance appraisal meeting with his/her immediate supervisor/appraiser.  Where self-appraisal is used, the employee should complete Section 1 of the form prior to the formal review meeting.

Section 2

Section 2 should be completed during the Performance Appraisal meeting.  This section focuses on the employee’s performance in achieving goals and objectives set for the period under review (and recorded in the previous appraisal form).  Differences between the views of the Appraiser and those of the employee (section 1) and any relevant discussion during the meeting should be recorded.

Section 3

This section relates to planning for the next appraisal period and the employee’s development.  Specific measurable goals to be achieved, with target dates for completion, and agreed priorities for the next appraisal period are recorded.  Normally 4 or 5 high priority objectives/goals should be sufficient.  Any specific steps that need to be taken to assist the employee to meet new targets, overcome shortcomings and realise full potential are also recorded.  This may include formal training and education and on-the-job activities, such as new responsibilities, coaching or other management actions.  The employee’s long-term career aspirations and how this is supported by the short-term training and development activities should also be recorded.

Section 4

This section allows the employee to comment on the appraisal process, content and conclusions.  The employee and the appraiser (normally his/her immediate supervisor) should sign the performance appraisal form as an accurate record of the meeting.  The completed form should then be reviewed and signed by the relevant departmental manager and the human resources manager.

Section 5

Some organisations review employee performance under a detailed list of attributes.  Typical attributes include dependability, communication, initiative, adaptability and flexibility.  Section 5 provides a list of attributes that can be used in such circumstances.  An additional list is provided for those in a management or supervisory role.  This list includes attributes such as leadership, delegation, people management skills, and planning and budgeting.

The performance appraisal form which is downloaded, is in Ms-Word format and can be edited and customised to suit any particular situation.

The download MS-Word editable document is available in two formats (a) A4 paper size and (b) Letter paper size.

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