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SWOT Analysis Chart Templates for MS-Excel & MS-Word

SWOT analysis templates for Ms-Excel and Ms-Word are both included in this offer, which you can download..

The Ms-Excel-based S.W.O.T. Analysis Graphic Chart templates allow you to calculate and graphically represent the results of a SWOT analysis, allowing you to quickly produce a SWOT analysis chart in a MS-Excel chart graphic format. 

A graphic representation of the results of a SWOT analysis using the templates facilitates the quick assimilation of the key features and highlights of the results. 

The Ms-Word-based SWOT templates facilitate the insertion of a SWOT Analysis Chart in a Ms-Word document. Up to 10 items can be inserted in each of the four sections (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) that constitute the chart.

        SWOT Analysis Templates for Excel          SWOT analysis templates for MS-Word

            Ms-Excel                    Ms-Word

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The Excel SWOT analysis template/model differentiates between strengths and weaknesses of different orders of magnitude, relevance and strategic impact.  The different probabilities of threats or opportunities are also incorporated.  The Ms-Excel SWOT analysis chart template displays the results in a format that allows the user to quickly highlight the more important strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.  Those furthest from the (0,0) origin being the most important.

Check out the Excel & Word SWOT Analysis Chart Template User Guide before purchasing!

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We also provide a GE McKinsey Matrix templates which you can use to generate a GE McKinsey Matrix to depict the result of a business portfolio analysis. Our  Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth-Share Matrix Templates can be used to generate a BCG Matrix.

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Item Number:    MW017W

Description:         MS-Word SWOT Analysis Chart Template

Price: US$ 9.95

Item Number:    MW017E

Description:         MS-Excel SWOT Analysis Chart Template

Price: US$ 9.95

Item Number:    MW017

Description:         MS-Excel and MS-Word SWOT Analysis Chart Templates

Price: US$19.90 US$ 14.95



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